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All donations made to our organization will be used to support our charitable endeavors. Each large contribution we make to a selected institution will be followed by the availability of a detailed financial record of our donations and purchases. Recommendations for recipients of can be made through the contact page and are always welcome. We greatly value your support of our organization, as do the many deserving impoverished students you have helped educate.


1.  Fill out the information to donate in the link below. In the description box, please mention Pattudala. 

2. Once you have donated, please fill out the form below, as we will be using it to keep track of the donations we have received.

**You are not donating any extra money through the form below, it is merely for record purposes**

Important Message:

All of the money donated will go towards the projects we do to help those in need by doing hands-on work. We ensure that the money you invest in our team will not go towards any other purchases and will solely be used to help the underprivileged.


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Thank you for donating!

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